Jeff Guthrie

Jeff Guthrie

President & CEO

Canadian Credit Union Association

About Jeff Guthrie

Jeff Guthrie is the President and CEO of the Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) and represents Canada’s credit unions on the World Council of Credit Union Board (WOCCU). He is an accomplished financial services executive with a wide range of experience in financial services and leading organization-wide transformations.

Jeff began his career with RBC, holding various roles with a progression of responsibilities, eventually becoming an executive team member as Vice President of Card Services. He left RBC in late 2000 and became one of the founding executives of Moneris Solutions (Moneris). During his 19-year tenure with Moneris, Jeff served on the MasterCard Canada, Visa International, and Discover North American Advisory Boards. Prior to joining CCUA, Jeff served as President and COO of Hank Payments, a Canadian start-up focused on providing tools to help consumers improve their financial well-being.

Jeff holds a Master of Management degree from McGill University, specializing in international business. He is an avid traveller and an accomplished ultra-marathon runner, completing races in the most extreme environments, including the Egyptian Sahara and Fijian mountains. When not indulging his passion for travel and adventure, Jeff resides in Toronto, Canada.